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Our Story

My grandfather Max Wolf, emigrated from Germany to New York City in 1936. Of all the possessions he brought over from Germany in that crucial and historic move, the TOP HAT was above all his most cherished one. Max's TOP HAT made appearances throughout the history of great family occasions, and would again at his wedding to Betty Lowenstein.

Now as it so happened, Grandma Betty was a certified knockout. And soon Max and Betty had a son they named Gerhard. Following an impactful family visit to the Statue of Liberty, Max & Betty launched the "Liberty Importing Company," a purveyor of imported & exported specialty foods. And little Gerhard Wolf dubbed himself "Jerry."

Then Jerry grew up to marry his very bright and beautiful sweetheart Harriet, wearing the same TOP HAT to his wedding that his father wore to marry his mother. In 1965, Jerry and Harriet moved from New York to Miami where they built a food distribution business they called Monel (for their children Monica and Elliot.) Jerry wore the TOP HAT on one more my wedding to Melinda.

TOP HAT is dedicated to my father, my grandfather, and the values they instilled in me which made me who I am today.

- Elliot Wolf
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